Welcome to our new website!

By Paul Cummings, 24-Jul-2012

Congratulations! The Internet is fast approaching 400 million web sites and out of such a vast, wonderfully amazing and often confusing digital world, you managed to happen upon US. Welcome to our new web site and thanks for stopping by.

So you might be wondering ‘who and what and why Kinharvie?’

We are a charity based in beautiful (and very wet) Scotland and work nationally and internationally. Our mission is to facilitate individual and organisational change. We work creatively, imaginatively and successfully in facilitating the challenges and opportunities facing people and organisations. Our expertise is in facilitating people to think creatively and act courageously in achieving the organisation’s mission. We do this through Organisation Development (OD),Coaching and Training.

Facilitating change is our bread and butter and we achieve this in organisations and people through the process of expanding awareness. When we expand our awareness, new possibilities emerge and we can’t become unaware of that to which we are now aware.

It’s our hope your visits to our site will nudge you in the direction of ever-greater awareness and that your developing awareness of yourself and your work support you in developing your own potential.

For example, were you aware that who we are is the culmination of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours? Were you aware that organisations and their culture are simply the sum of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours? Each of these aspects to who we are affects the other. Thinking affects feeling. Behaviour, affects the other 2 and so on…

Most of what we are asked to do in organisations is motivated by some desire for a change in some or all of these aspects to who we are. Managers and leaders tell us about their needs for staff to think different, feel different and behave different.

So how can expanded awareness help you think, feel and behave different?

Think different – what if we thought of ‘difficult people’ as people in difficulty? It’s possible we might set aside our judgment momentarily and increase our consideration of the other.

Feel different – What if we saw emotions as simply data instead of viewing them as either positive or negative? Some feelings are uncomfortable and hard to tolerate and if we see them negatively we can deny or submerge them. It’s a good short-term strategy but doesn’t serve us in the long term since eventually, these feelings find their way out – unfortunately, by this time, they are usually out of our control, resulting in some inappropriate mismanaged expression at work that leaves everyone embarrassed. Our philosophy is – find a way to safely have your feelings before they have you!

Behave different – What if we approached conflict with an attitude of creative indifference? When it comes to conflict, our natural response is usually to fight or flight because of the perceived personal threat. The problem is that the threat we perceive is nearly always less than we imagine. With a more accurate perception of reality, we have a third response, which is to move toward conflict with curiosity! It’s counterintuitive and it works. Instead of managing conflict, we can work with you to grow more confidently in managing yourself as a person in conflict.

So, if you have an interest in how you think, feel and behave and the impact all 3 have on you and your ability to succeed in achieving your aspirations, then stick with us. Join in our conversations about leadership and management, facilitation and running effective meetings, being an effective trainer, the value of coaching and much more. Equally, tell us what matters to you in the world of work. What are you doing differently and what difference are you hoping for? Oh and whilst you’re here, take a look at our resources (some of which are free).

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.