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Making a difference to the lives of today’s young people - by Alastair Callaghan

How Kinharvie is supporting the development of young people.

What difference could Kinharvie Institute make to the lives of today's young people?

Over the past two years, we have been answering this question through several initiatives that have sought to support teenagers and young adults in their growth as people and as young leaders.  

Marist Student Leaders visualise their future achievements

Founded in 2016, our free Youth Coaching service has provided young adults (aged 16-30) with a space to work alongside a Kinharvie Institute coach to explore the issues that have real meaning in their lives.  This pilot initiative has so far provided over 60 hours of coaching to young people who are approaching a variety of personal and career-orientated transitions. For some of these young people, coaching has been a space to consider their next steps towards further education, training and employment.  For others, coaching has also been about understanding and taking ownership of their personal power and potential. 

Whatever the case, it is clear that the space co-created in the coaching sessions has helped many to find a new clarity, awareness and energy for growth - both personally and in their communities.

‘For me, youth coaching was being able to share and have someone listen and give feedback that really has had an impact on my personality and the manner in which I approach situations in a positive way.’  
- Youth Coaching Participant

‘I would recommend youth coaching to a friend… It has helped me to consider my situation in ways I had not before and presented me with new solutions and perspectives…’ 
 - Youth Coaching Participant

In addition to Youth Coaching, Kinharvie Institute have been delivering an exciting Youth Leadership programme to high-school students in Ireland and Scotland. Working alongside Marist Education West Central Europe, this programme seeks to provide the young people with training and action learning opportunities that can support their growth as leaders in their schools and communities. Guided by the values of their schools, these young leaders are empowered to devise and lead projects that serve to meet the needs they identify in their own schools. Now in it’s third year, this leadership programme has developed a community of 100 student leaders across four schools; all of whom have worked with Kinharvie Institute to develop their skills in facilitation, strategic thinking, action planning and leadership. 

‘I have grown as a leader in the way that I am no longer afraid to offer my opinion, and have learned that my actions are just as powerful as my words.’  
- Marist Student Leader

‘I now have a better understanding of different people’s abilities, beliefs and how they work... I’ve learned that facilitation can work better than dictation.’  
- Marist Student Leader

As Scotland celebrates the contribution and potential of it’s young people through the Year of Young People 2018, it seems fitting to pause and celebrate the growth and potential of the young people that we have been fortunate to work with over the past two years at Kinharvie Institute. It has been fantastic to engage with their energy, curiosity and hunger for learning and personal development and to witness the ways that they have led themselves on their their chosen paths to adulthood. Our hope is that the learning that each young person has taken from their time with Kinharvie Institute will continue to serve them as they proceed along their unique paths to realising their incredible potential.

Looking forward, Kinharvie Institute hopes to build upon the recent success of our Youth Coaching and Leadership initiatives. To do this, we’d like to hear your ideas for how we can continue to contribute to the lives of young people today, and in the future.  Contact us via e-mail or telephone to share your ideas or to make an enquiry about Kinharvie Institute’s existing services for young people.

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