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The life of a Kinharvie Institute Workshop

By Audrey MacNeill Monday, April 20, 2015. Comments (0)

Audrey MacNeill, Administrator at Kinharvie Institute has produced this visual blog of the Life of a Kinharvie Institute Workshop. Read full post

A Year in the Life of a Facilitator

By Paul Cummings Friday, February 06, 2015. Comments (1)

Paul Cummings looks back on his experience of 2014. Read full post

The Coach Facilitator by Chris Partridge

By Paul Cummings Friday, January 30, 2015. Comments (0)

Facilitation and coaching are frequently understood as two separate professions.  Facilitation has a focus on group dynamics and the management of group processes so as to enable the achievement of desired outcomes.  Coaching on the other hand, focuses on the individual, co-creating a learning partnership that leads to effective action, improved performance and/or personal growth.    Read full post