Edinburgh Cyrenians - Key Worker Skills Development

Edinburgh Cyrenians - Key Worker Skills Development

The Challenge

The organisation had grown considerably and become increasingly diverse in terms of client group, activity and locality. The challenge for the organisation was ensuring consistency in service provision and ‘a common language about how we do things’, so that all staff understood and could articulate ‘the Cyrenian way of working’ both internally and externally.  

The Intervention

To meet this challenge, the organisation developed a coherent and professional Key worker practice model underpinned by the Cyrenian values and based on the Skilled Helper model developed by Gerard Egan.  To embed a consistent understanding of the Cyrenian practice model in theory and practice and to ensure consistency in service provision, Kinharvie was asked to design and deliver a 3 day training programme for all key worker staff that would:

  • Lead to a greater awareness for Key Workers of their strengths and areas for skills development
  • Enhanced understanding of the Cyrenian values in action
  • Ensure an increased comprehension of the Skilled Helper model and its practical application in service provision
  • Offer some practical tools and skills to assist practice as Key Workers

The Benefits

The organisation evaluated the skills development training three months post delivery and found that individual reactions ‘were extremely positive about the quality and relevance of the training received’.

“I really enjoyed it, it was really professionally done and it was to a really high standard. The facilitator was brilliant. I liked the way that the 3rd day acted as a month follow up. It was really good meeting up with people you don’t work with on a regular basis,”

“The training was great, I have worked extensively for 7 years, brought everything together for me – affirmed my way of doing my job but also brought up areas where I had lapsed or could do better.”

The key workers state they learned from training, and that it had equipped them with practical tools and theory they could use in everyday practice.

“I learnt to wait for people to come to a conclusion themselves. I recognise that I was a bit of a rescuer and putting loads of different plans in front of them. I’m a lot more confident now at waiting for that person to bring about their own conclusion, and I recognise that, that is always much more fruitful.”

“I think I did take practical tools from it, it was done in a different way to other training I’ve been on, I think it was better, lot more practical stuff involved and that’s the way I learn, made it more interesting.”

Managers also reported that the training and development was useful for the key workers they manage and thought the service provision of the different services across the Cyrenians was now more standardized. 

“I think the investment in staff was hugely valuable, staff felt valued because of high level of training.”

“For me, the effect on key workers has been more self reflection, moving away from being rescuer, better time management realising you can’t save everyone nor is it your responsibility to try, not over stretching oneself”