Designing Tailored Training Solutions for Capital City Partnership

Designing Tailored Training Solutions for Capital City Partnership

The Capital City Partnership brought together a small group of practitioners from Edinburgh Cyrenians, the Edinburgh Skills Shop and Women Onto Work to develop a one-day training programme they and others could deliver to upskill employer engagement workers in the city.


The Challenge

There were two main challenges that faced the coordinating team at the beginning of this assignment. The first was to develop clarity on the specific purpose of the programme and the desired learning outcomes. The second was designing a highly participative training programme that a) would meet the learning outcomes they had identified and b) could easily be delivered by people with varying levels of training experience.


The Intervention

Martin facilitated the organising group to clarify the purpose, the learning outcomes and the content of the programme. Once these were agreed, the Martin then designed the programme, coordinated the organising group's production of the handouts and developed a trainer's pack (including a plan, some supplementary notes and handouts). Martin then delivered the programme to those interested in rolling out the training to employee engagement workers in the city. At the end of this first training session, the group suggested some adaptations to further improve the programme. These changes were incorporated into the final trainer's pack, which was then handed over to the coordinators group who had agreed to organise further delivery of the programme.


The Benefits

‘Martin brought a good breadth of experience and knowledge to the development of the training package. His personal touch, expertise and enthusiasm ensured that the training day was a huge success with the subsequent very well-received training events being a lasting testimony to this.’

Rhona McLinden, Employer Engagement Manager, Capital City Partnership