Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Maximise team effectiveness and employ team coaching as a powerful learning and development tool.

Team-Coaching Psychometric Package

The Psychometric Team-Coaching Package offers the same as the Classic Team-Coaching Package with the further advantage of psychometric profiling and assessment tools such as MBTI, Firo-B or Realise2.  The Team-Coaching Psychometric Package is delivered as a minimum series of 4 sessions lasting 150 minutes.    

An effective team is a self-aware team.  This package offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your collective strengths, how you perceive the world and your interpersonal needs through psychometric profiling. 

These insights will provide a foundation from which to deepen your awareness of how everyone is working and interacting together. Building on the feedback from the psychometric tool, the team coaching sessions offer a privileged space in which to reflect on how you can increase your impact and influence as a team and enhance your team’s effectiveness to respond to complex challenges and opportunities. 

Our coaches are all experienced coaches and facilitators with backgrounds in psychology, organisational development and training.  Our coaches abide by the ICF code of ethics.   

Q. What is Team Coaching?
  1. Team coaching is a learning intervention that focuses on increasing team performance. The emphasis is on facilitating conversations between team members with the aim of making more effective use of collective skills, knowledge and interests.

    Working with a coach, a team can enhance its effectiveness. Team coaching offers an opportunity for the team to reflect together on their goals and objectives and how they are working together to achieving them. Team coaching can support a team to address specific challenges and build stronger and more productive relationships between members.

Q. What is involved in Team Coaching?
    • Initial conversations with team members to clarify expectations, overall focus of the coaching and the coaching contract
    • First coaching session – building the coaching partnership and agreeing collective goals and desired outcomes form a major part of the initial session. In preparing for this first session, team members may be asked to complete a short questionnaire.
    • Continuing coaching sessions – team coaching sessions usually last 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on size of the team
    • Evaluation & ending
Q. Who is it for?
    • New teams who want to invest in building effective relationships so as to maximise the teams’ impact and effectiveness.
    • Existing teams who want to enhance their performance and increase their capacity (skills, knowledge and capability) to manage issues more effectively.
    • Leadership teams who want to increase their impact and influence as leaders
    • Teams dealing with specific challenges who want to explore effective strategies for addressing a specific issue or conflict as well as increase their capability to manage challenges more effectively.
Q. Why Team Coaching?
  1. Team coaching offers a confidential and thought provoking learning partnership where the team can:

    • gain insight into their collective strengths, knowledge and interests
    • clarify shared vision and goals as well defining team boundaries and roles
    • reflect on how everyone is working and interacting together and build on this awareness to enhance the teams effectiveness
    • address specific issues that are impacting on the teams performance
    • enhance the teams ability to respond effectively to complex challenges and opportunities
    • receive support in the planning and implementation of major change initiatives and projects
Q. How will Kinharvie work with my team?
  1. As coaches, we work with the whole team and take a stance of curiosity, inquiry and interest rather than judgement. Based on mutual respect and a clear contract, we use structured reflection, analysis and thoughtful questioning to facilitate the team to achieve new insights, identify creative possibilities and commit to purposeful action towards their collective goals. We do not give answers but support the team to find its own solutions. 

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