Ronnie McEwan

Ronnie McEwan Director of Organisational Facilitation

Ronnie McEwan is the Director of Organisational Facilitation at Kinharvie Institute. After voluntary work with the Samaritans he pursued his interest in psychology, which he continues to develop today in his work with organisations and groups. He has extensive clinical experience, which informs his work with people. His work includes training, facilitation, research, group work and external consultancy to groups and organisations. He has worked in a variety of community and organisational settings within the Public, Voluntary and Corporate Sectors.  

His passion is for organisations to reach their full potential by facilitating their people to give of their best and he sees facilitation as a means to achieving healthy organisations. A graduate in accountancy and mathematics, his post-graduate studies include psychology, organisational consultancy, group work, facilitation, counselling and supervision, social and public policy. Ronnie is also a life member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), a Certified Professional Facilitator© (CPF©) and a ICF (PCC) accredited coach.  He has worked throughout the UK and internationally in Europe and Africa, as a facilitator and organisational consultant.

Contact Ronnie today, @Kinharvie_RM or phone 0141 337 1070 to discuss how you can work to get your organisation to reach its full potential.