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  • An Introduction to Facilitating Conflict

    Date: Wednesday 4 December


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    Are you spending too much time and energy avoiding conflict at work?

    Do you sometimes fail to get what you need because you don’t believe you have the necessary conflict management skills?

    Unmanaged or mismanaged conflict at work can tie up a lot of resources in an organisation and reduce team effectiveness. Unchecked, it has the potential to be extremely destructive. Alternatively, used well it can be a source of great creativity and innovation.  How you manage a conflict is the difference between these two outcomes. This two-hour free workshop is for anyone who recognises that conflict is an inevitable and important part of their working life and who would like to work with conflict more effectively. 

    Workshop objective

    This two-hour free workshop is for leaders, managers or those looking to understand conflict, appreciate its role and work more effectively with it. 

    Benefits to you / your organisation

    • Understand the role of conflict and the importance of managing conflict at work
    • A greater awareness of how conflict at work affects you and greater confidence in your ability to manage its effects
    • A greater knowledge of tools and principles to help you in managing conflict effectively


    • What is conflict and what is its role?
    • Being in conflict
    • A model for working with conflict
    • Practice


    10.00am - 12.00pm   Wednesday 4 December 2019

    The workshop will be a participative, practical and informative session drawing on your own personal experience of conflict. If you want to turn conflict into an opportunity rather than something to be avoided, then sign up for this free workshop now.