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  • An Introduction to Facilitating Resistance

    Date: Thursday 14 November 2019


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    Managing change is a challenging process and those responsible for leading change management processes are often surprised and confused by the different ways people respond to change. Change programmes only work when they recognise resistance as a natural response - so resistance should be expected. When it comes to managing change, don’t expect to get through the process without meeting such resistance! This two-hour free workshop is for anyone faced with the challenge of managing the resistance that results from change initiatives within the organisation.

    Workshop objective

    This two-hour free workshop is for leaders, managers or anyone leading a change process who wish to develop their understanding of resistance and how to work effectively with it.

    Benefits to you / your organisation

    • Understanding the nature and function of resistance and appreciating its value to the individual and the organisation
    • Increased confidence and effectiveness in successfully managing resistance
    • Greater confidence in managing yourself in the face of resistance from those responding to change


    • What is resistance
    • Exploring the role of resistance in a change process
    • Why people resist
    • A model for working with resistance
    • Uncovering and working with resistance


    2.00pm - 4.00pm Thursday 14 November