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  • Building and Sustaining Effective Teams

    Date: Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 May 2019


    Price: £295.00


    Teamwork is integral to the way most organisations operate.  Despite this, there is often a lack of clarity as to why a team exists or any explicit agreement on how the team members will work together to effectively achieve objectives.  A high performing team has a common purpose and vision, balances the right mix of people with the right skills and knows how to creatively hold differences so as to optimise success.

    To develop and sustain successful teams, effective team leaders/managers create a strong sense of mutual commitment and interdependence.  Such Leaders/managers know how to co-create a culture that nurtures authentic relationships and facilitates the constructive management of difference.  The team leader generates an appreciative culture that is collaborative, embraces ambiguity and achieves quality outcomes.  They also recognise that their team is part of a wider organisational system and know how to support constructive exchange and connection between team members, the wider organisation and key stakeholders.


    • A greater understanding of what a team is and what makes it effective

    •  Increased skills, tools and knowledge that enable you to take your team to the next level of performance

    • A greater awareness of team dynamics and how to work effectively with them to increase a team’s performance 

    • Get more done through facilitating the team to manage its differences


    Day One

    • Defining an Effective Team
      • What is a Team?
      • Team as a System
    • Developing a Team Charter – The Container
      • Team Mission and Purpose
      • Working Together
      • Team Boundaries
    • Balancing Differences to Optimise Team Success
    • Managing Conflict
    • Integrating the Learning

    Day Two

    • Team Processes – Facilitating High Quality Exchange Within and Beyond the Team
      • Decision Making
        • Levels of Empowerment
        • RACI Model
      • Communication
        • Levels of Listening
        • Effective Communication
    • Team Meetings
    • The Learning Team
      • A Model for Critical Reflection
      • Team Effectiveness Survey
    • Supporting Resources
    • Sustaining the Spirit of the Team
    • Reflection on Learning


    This programme is delivered over 2 consecutive days at our premises in Glasgow.  


    9.30am - 5.00pm   Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 May 2019

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is for any new or experienced team leader or manager who wants to work with their team in ways that help them successfully realise their potential as a team and achieve even greater results