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  • Dealing with "Difficult People"

    Date: Thursday 12 December 2019


    Price: £0.00


    Unless you’re a hermit, it’s inevitable you’ll encounter ‘difficult people’ in both life and work.  Whilst there is great probability of encountering ‘difficult people’, few of us are taught how to actually manage such challenging occasions.  Being in the midst of ‘difficult people’ can be extremely challenging, stressful and highly emotional.  

    Workshop objective:

    This two-hour free workshop is for anyone who wants to learn some of the ways of thinking and acting that can support you in becoming more skilled in managing ‘difficult people’. 

    Benefits to you / your organisation


    • Increased understanding of how to manage yourself when faced by ‘difficult people’
    • An opportunity to explore what happens to you when faced by ‘difficult people’ and what you can do to influence better outcomes


      • Understanding yourself 
      • Understanding ‘difficult people’
      • Types of ‘difficult people’
      • Strategies for dealing with ‘difficult people’


        10am - 12.00pm   Thursday 12 December 2019