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  • Gestalt Coach Training Programme - Advanced Module 2020

    Date: Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 October 2020


    Price: £795.00


    Develop Your Coaching Skills to Engage with People at a Deeper, Transformative Level

    This programme is your opportunity to deepen and extend your practice as a Gestalt coach or someone using a coaching approach with the view to facilitating meaningful and transformative encounters with others.  This three-day programme is led by Ronnie McEwan, Chris Partridge and Paul Cummings; three accomplished trainers, who between them have over 80 years experience as coaches, trainers and facilitators. 

    This is a highly experiential programme that builds on the wisdom and knowledge in the group to co-create a unique learning space where you can; reflect on your own coaching approach and areas for growth, receive invaluable feedback from peers and experienced trainers on your coaching skills and deepen your practice and understanding of Gestalt coaching.

    All trainers on this programme have a solid theoretical understanding of Gestalt theory and practice, are credentialed as Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). 


    As a participant on the Gestalt Coach Training Programme - Advanced Module, you will:

    Reflect on and identify your existing strengths and areas of growth as a coach
    Enhance your understanding of how to be an embodied coach working in the present moment
    Develop a deeper appreciation of how you can use yourself in the coaching relationship to 
    powerful effect
    Grow in your ability and confidence to set up ‘experiments’ that expand awareness and enable 
    life affirming action
    Develop an even deeper understanding of the key theoretical underpinnings of the Gestalt 
    approach to coaching 

    Who is this programme for? 
    This Advanced programme is for coaches, managers and leaders who wish to enhance their coaching skills as well as deepen their understanding of the Gestalt approach to coaching.   It is expected participants will have completed Kinharvie Institutes Gestalt Coaching course or an equivalent coach training programme and have some understanding and experience of Gestalt theory.




    This programme is delivered over 3 consecutive days at our premises in Glasgow on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 28 October 2020

    9.30am - 5.30pm         


    Training Hours

    The Advanced Module combined with our Foundation Module is recognised by ICF for 66 Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH.

    As a stand alone module, the course is recognised by ICF for 24 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours (20 Core Competencies hours and 4 Resource Development hours).

    Programme Outline 

    Day One - Coaching with Presence and Authenticity

    Setting the Foundations
    The Embodied Coach
    • Tuning into our Body’s Intelligence
    • Self-as-instrument
    • Embodied Listening and Questioning 
    Quality of Presence
    The Embodied Coaching Relationship – Skills Practicum
    Integrating the Learning

    Day Two – From Awareness to Action 

    The Optimistic Stance
    Power of Awareness
    Gestalt Experiments  - Going Deeper
    Identifying and Enabling Life-affirming Actions
    • Energy Mobilization
    • Action as Risk Taking
    • Recognising Progress and Achievement
    Coaching Skills Practicum 
    Integrating the Learning

    Day Three – Facing Our Coaching Challenges

    Structure v’s the Emergent Flow
    Identifying the  ‘Real’ Goal 
    • Getting Beyond the Presenting Issue
    • Working with Clients who have: 
      • 'Figure Frenzy’
      • No Apparent Issue
      • No Energy for their ‘Goal’
    Working Through Emotionally Charged Issues
    • Working with Emotions
    • Coaching Boundaries and Ethical issues in Emotionally Charged Situations
    Coaching Skills Practicum 
    Reflection on Learning 
    Putting the Learning into Practice
    Celebrating Success & Closure