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  • Personal Power and Influence - September

    Date: Thursday 26 September




    In today’s workplace, many organisations operate with flatter structures, resulting in partnership-working becoming more the norm. To be effective in this context, the ability to influence colleagues and external partners is a key skill. Understanding how the process of influence works and developing your personal power can increase your effectiveness and capacity for making an impact in your organisation and beyond!


    Workshop objective

    This two-hour free workshop is for anyone who wants to understand and develop their personal power so they are better able to influence colleagues and external stakeholders.


    Benefits to you / your organisation

    • Increased understanding of influence
    • A greater awareness of your personal power
    • Introduction to the core skills for increasing personal influence
    •  Enhanced ability to influence others




    • How does influence work?
    • Understanding your personal power  
    •  Core skills for influencing others




    10.00am - 12.00pm Thursday 26 September 2019