25 February 2021




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Self-Care During Lockdown

To ‘be there’ for others, we need, first of all, to ‘be there’ for ourselves.

The pandemic and the series of lockdowns have challenged us all in a multitude of different ways. At such a stressful time, self-care can be one of the first things to be squeezed out, especially as we tend to the needs of others. Taking time to care for self can seem self-indulgent or be a low priority amongst competing needs. As we meet the needs of colleagues, service users, family and friends, we may find ourselves ‘pouring from an empty cup’.  In order to effectively ‘be there’ for others, we need, first of all, to ‘be there’ for ourselves.

    Workshop objective

    Join this free workshop to develop a better understanding of what self-care is and why it is important. Explore ways to replenish yourself and your energies, so you have enough resources to meet the challenges and opportunities you face. 

    Benefits to you / your organisation

    • A greater appreciation of what self-care is and why you need to take time to invest in yourself.
    • An increased understanding of what you need to do, at present, to care for yourself so you can continue to be a resource to colleagues and those you serve.


    • Your experience of work during the latest lockdown
    • What is self-care?
    • Barriers to self-care
    • Increasing your vitality and resilience
    • Self-care resources


    Thursday, 25 February, 09:30am - 11:30am

    Please note, whilst this workshop is free, it is provided under the terms and conditions that should you be unable to attend, you will provide 48 hours’ notice, otherwise a £25 administration fee will be applied. 

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