Building Capacity in Glasgow: The Community Facilitators’ Network (CFN)

Building Capacity in Glasgow: The Community Facilitators’ Network (CFN)

Susan Jack works for Glasgow Women's Aid, a charity supporting women, young people and children experiencing domestic abuse. She joined the Community Facilitators’ Network to develop her facilitation skills so she could work with groups of service users and colleagues more effectively.

The Challenge

Although Susan’s work involved a lot of work with groups, she had received very little formal training in working with groups and had learnt most of her skills ‘on the job’. She felt that the approach and tools she used with groups had become quite set and lacked variety. Susan was just about to establish another support group and wanted to ‘freshen’ up her approach and compare it to other practitioners.

The Intervention

Kinharvie Institute established the network to provide training and support to those facilitating communities in Greater Glasgow. After the first introductory meeting, members received five days training in facilitation skills, tools and techniques. The members then met for half a day a month to practice the skills and tools they had learnt and shared challenges that they were facing. At the end of the nine months, network members then decided whether they wanted to continue meeting.

The Benefits

Susan says, “Taking part in the CFN gave me the knowledge and tools to be a more effective facilitator. Perhaps the two most important things that I learnt were the importance of attending to group dynamics in supporting a group to meet their aims and objectives and the range of tools that can be used to make sessions more effective and fun. The feedback I received from other members was also really useful as it meant that I was able to be more objective regarding my skills and better able to improve on them.”