Independent Review of Change Management Project

Independent Review of Change Management Project

The brief

We were invited by the Catholic Diocese of Leeds to conduct an independent review of their change process established as a consequence of their declining number of priests.  For over 8 years, the diocese had been implementing a change project known as “Providing Priests for the People”. The bishop at the time Arthur Roche, decided to pause this project so that an independent review could be undertaken.  Consequently, we were approached with a brief to examine the process and to produce a report that would draw lessons from what had been achieved up to that time.

The Process

We devised a process (conducted between February and May 2012) to ensure a range of those participating in the ‘Providing Priests for the People’ project could express views and opinions about their personal experience of the programme of change.  Our aim was to highlight key themes and issues resulting from the data we gathered through:

individual interviews
public consultations
relevant documentation
general impressions

Our report makes many recommendations for the improvement of future change initiatives in the diocese of Leeds. 

Click on the image of the report below to download the entire document.

The Outcome

Many of those involved in the project found it a challenging process, as is often the case with such change management initiatives.  This resulted in some misunderstanding and unintended hurt.  We presented our findings at a public meeting of over 200 people in Bradford in September 2012.  Our report was widely received as being candid, fair, informative and helpful.  The diocese is in agreement with the findings of the report and welcomes the recommendations.