When Life-giving Spaces Breathe Life into Potential

by Paul Cummings

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  • When Life-giving Spaces Breathe Life into Potential

Welcome! You found us and this, the first blog of our new web site. We hope you stop by long enough to get a feel for who we are, what matters to us and and how this drives what we do in this often challenging and frequently amazing world.

Our Passion is Potential

We are most concerned for and passionate about people and their potential.  Every one of us has more potential than we imagine. We believe each of us possesses untapped reserves for any number of possibilities. We have all witnessed others and even ourselves reach beyond our perceived limits to achieve the once unimaginable – courageous action, academic success, employment promotion, managing conflict, compassionate concern...  

A belief in the power of personal and collective potential brings hope, lifts our spirits and inspires others. We believe passion needs to be nurtured in order to find meaningful and useful expression in the world. To nurture and grow our passion, we believe each of us needs planted in the enriching and enabling soil of a life-giving space.

Life-giving Spaces

Over more than 3 decades, it is our experience at Kinharvie, that a significant influence in realising potential is the kind of space we find ourselves. Sadly, toxic spaces do exist and those unfortunate to find themselves here, wisely adopt a survival mode. In such a mode, we become protective, cautious, fearful and hopeless.  Alternatively, we know and frequently see, the power of a life-giving space to facilitate adventure, imagination, excitement, inspiration and dedication. 

Letting our Potential Breathe

If we are to breathe more life into the untapped potential of each of us and our communities, we need to examine how life-giving our spaces really are. We believe everyone has the right to realise their potential and everyone has the right to access a life-giving space where that potential can be nurtured. 

We present below, our newly formed vision and mission statements that serve to drive our efforts in supporting individuals and communities realise their potential. If these speak to you in any way, we would love to hear from you.  You can help shape our thinking and we can explore, what together, we could create. 


A world where all people realise their potential, inspired by life-giving relationships with self and others.


To co-create an abundance of life-giving spaces where potential is realised.

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