Team Coaching

Developing an effective team requires investment

You can get the very best from your team when you invest quality ‘time out’ to help members reflect on their performance.  Team coaching provides a safe and creative learning space, facilitated by one of our highly experienced coaches, that focuses on increasing individual and team performance.  When you invite a Kinharvie coach to work with your team, the emphasis is on facilitating meaningful conversations between team members aimed at unlocking potential in collective skills, knowledge and strengths.

Team Challenges

Working online and in-person, our coaches make it possible for teams to create sufficient safety to be able to explore openly and authentically the challenges faced by all teams:

  • Conflict
  • Mis-aligned vision, mission and values
  • Unclear purpose, goals and outcomes 
  • Competing priorities
  • Personality ‘clashes’
  • Low morale

Coaching is a proven way to support your team successfully navigate the inevitable challenges of people working together.

  • How team coaching works

    Team Coaching is delivered online and/or in-person as a minimum series of 4 sessions of 2 hours.  Our coaches provide a confidential and thought-provoking learning partnership where the team can clarify its goals and determine the key steps to achieving success.  Team coaching helps in building stronger and more productive relationships between team members and enhances the team’s ability to respond effectively to current and future challenges.  From the outset, we can establish a baseline by conducting our team effectiveness survey.

  • Kinharvie Coaches

    Our coaches are all experienced and certified coaches and facilitators with backgrounds in psychology, organisational development and training.  Our coaches abide by the ICF code of ethics.

  • Our Fees



    4 team sessions of 2.5 hours



    Psychometric profiling + 4 team sessions of 2.5 hours



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