Facilitating Conflict

We help you to understand and manage conflict more effectively

Managing conflict at work is a challenging and delicate task.  Conflict is an interpersonal and psychological issue and too often, in our experience, it’s treated as an HR one.  As such, this often generates formal and procedural processes which unintentionally serve to isolate people.  Early interpersonal intervention to prevent the development of formal procedures is the key!

Unresolved, conflict can have a dramatic negative impact on people and productivity.  Fortunately, we can partner with you and approach, early on, challenging conflict situations with confidence and skill.  

Our facilitators have considerable experience in designing and facilitating interventions which support groups/teams to work through difficult and sensitive issues constructively. Whether you have a very clear idea of the conflict or you just have the sense that ‘something isn’t right’, we can work with you to manage conflict creatively and effectively.

We facilitate conflict resolution interventions as well as conflict training events.

Conflict examples we work with:

  • Amongst Trustees
  • Board and CEO
  • Chair and CEO
  • Within executive team
  • Management and Service Users
  • Team Conflict
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • The organisation and the wider community

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