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  • November 1st 2021

    Welcome Jenny!

    We are delighted that Jenny Paterson has chosen to join Kinharvie as an Associate Coach. 


  • September 27th 2021

    Embodied Presence: A Gestalt Approach to Being with Others

    The Gestalt approach to working with people is rich in theory and concepts.

  • August 28th 2021

    Kinharvie Facilitation Training has Lasting Impact

    Lisa Cumming shares how she is impacted by her facilitation skills training with Kinharvie

  • August 18th 2021

    Co-creating an Abundance of Life-Giving Spaces

    But what do we mean by Life-Giving Space?

  • October 22nd 2020

    Long-haul Lockdown Delivers WELLBEING CRISIS!

     Staff resilience is already threadbare, and I believe we have now entered a wellbeing crisis.

  • September 16th 2020

    Increase Your Impact as a Manager - Develop Your Coaching Skills

    Support and Challenge your staff to think creatively for themselves.

  • September 1st 2020

    Leadership Changes at Kinharvie.

    From today, Tuesday 1 September, Paul Cummings is appointed the new CEO of Kinharvie.

  • February 24th 2020

    A Tremendous Feeling Of Solidarity, Community And Common Purpose

    Reflections on Kinharvie's vision and mission relaunch.

  • January 31st 2020

    A Gathering To Share Our New Vision And Mission

    Dreaming of a future together. A flavour of Kinharvie's vision and mission relaunch! 

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