Individual Coaching

Work with a Kinharvie coach to uncover the power of your possibility

Provided online and in-person, individual coaching offers you a protected, creative and confidential space to facilitate you in advancing your professional and personal development.  Your Kinharvie, ICF accredited coach, will provide you with both the support and challenge you require for increased success and improved performance, tailoring their interventions to your unique needs. 

The Coaching Relationship

When you engage a Kinharvie coach to work with you, you gain a partner committed to facilitating your growth and development.  Every Kinharvie coach is passionate about your potential – whether that’s to be an even better manager/leader, to have the difficult conversation, to find the courage to make the change you know you need to…

Coaching for Potential

Change happens when you shift your focus from problems to possibilities.  In exploring with you what’s possible, we help you live into a different future.  

Wherever you are in your personal and professional journey, our skill is in supporting you to build a deeper understanding of the future you dream of and the steps you can take towards realising your potential. 

A Life-giving Space

Working with you in-person or online, Kinharvie coaches offer an authentic, life-giving conversation focused on:

  • Raising your awareness
  • Identifying your gifts and strengths
  • Asking you powerful questions
  • Helping you learn through experiments

How Coaching Will Benefit You

  • Uncover the power of YOUR potential
  • Identify areas for growth and development
  • Clarify goals and what success looks like
  • Reflect and gain greater perspective  
  • Achieve increased performance and productivity

Work With Us Because 

Our passion for coaching is rooted in our vision of a world where all people realise their potential. Inspired by life-giving relationships with self and others, our ICF accredited coaches adopt a unique optimistic stance and are committed to making a meaningful and positive impact on individuals, teams and organisations. 


Kinharvie Coaching Credits 

We know that many organisations are looking for an agile form of coaching support for their staff - one that is readily available as a resource for staff, as and when the need arises. 

To facilitate this, your organisation can purchase Coaching Credits with Kinharvie. Kinharvie Coaching Credits are discounted packages of 10, 15 or 20 coaching sessions which are assigned to your organisation so that you can allocate these to staff as and when you feel this would be beneficial. 

Kinharvie Coaching Credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase and available in sixty and ninety-minute options. 

If you would like to learn more about Kinharvie Coaching Credits please contact

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