Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The Kinharvie website uses cookies. A "cookie" is a piece of information that is saved to the hard drive of your computer and "remembers" information about the configuration of your computer.

Google Analytics Cookies

We use Google Analytics (GA) to track your movements through our website to find out how it is being used, assess its usefulness and make improvements. To read more about what cookies are being set by GA please visit: GA Concepts Cookies

Personal information about you is not collected at any point during the GA tracking process. 

Additional Analytics Cookies

  • The VID{0} is a cookie that refers to the CRM user (the site's contact from database) that logged in 
  • ANONIDXXXX is a cookie to track anonymous users for analytics. This tracks a user for multiple visits. 
  • ANONID{0} - id of the anonymous user (guid) 
  • ANONID - same as above, kept for backwards compatibility 
  • VISIDXXXXX, cookie for anonymous, identifies a visit for an ANONID. Single visit for an anonymous user. 
  • VISID - visit id old format
  • VISID{0} - visit id

    Display cookies

    • visitorDeviceClass - the name of the device class for the current. This cookie is used to specify that the user is using a mobile device or not. Generated at first access. 
    • Session only = a cookie with a lifetime that last at max until the browser is closed. The session cookie can also expire before closing the browser. This cookie is deleted when the browser is closed. 
    • ASP.NET_SessionId standard name of the user session in the .NET stack.

    You can disable the cookies that we attach if your browser supports this. For further information on how to do this, please refer to Certain features of this website may not function properly without the aid of cookies.

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