About Us

About Us

Over nearly 40 years, we have grown and developed our vision for a world where all people realise their potential, inspired by life-giving relationships with self and others.   To this end, we have made it our mission to co-create an abundance of life-giving spaces where potential is realised.

Our History

We have a long and rich history which originates from the Order of Marist Brothers established in 1817 in France, founded by Marcellin Champagnat.  As a young priest, Champagnat visited a dying boy who he discovered had limited formal education or awareness of God. Conscious of the significance of education in helping people realise their personal potential, Champagnat made it his life’s mission to provide learning opportunities for young people. He saw education and learning as key to this. Presently, there are 3000 Marist Brothers with a global presence, working in 80 countries with 654,000 young people.

    The Early Years

    Our early educational focus centred on residential youth work with a mission to support young people from the ages of 16 upwards to make meaning of the world around them. This grew organically into a focus on adult education, training and development with an emphasis in counselling and psychotherapy. As well as providing a highly successful counselling service, we were the first institution to deliver university accredited counselling training in Scotland at post-graduate and MSc levels.

    An Inspiring Heritage

    Inspired by the original Marist vision of releasing potential through education, we have now developed a focus towards co-creating life-giving spaces where potential is realised.  Our mission is to facilitate the learning and development of individuals, organisations and communities through facilitation, coaching, training, organisation development (OD) and community engagement. Whilst the Brothers founded Kinharvie as a project in 1980, we are non-religious in our ways of working. We remain faithful to the spirit of Champagnat in our mission to release the untapped potential of individuals, organisations and communities through our values of presence, optimism, imagination and simplicity.

    Charitable Status

    Kinharvie Institute is an independent charity (SC000565), functioning as a charitable company limited by guarantee (registered in Scotland, Number 129898).  We exist to provide; Education, Training, Research, Coaching, Information & Advice and Support & Individual/Organisation Development.

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