Facilitator Mentoring

Take your facilitation practice to the next level

If you are looking to take your facilitation practice to the next level, then partner with one of our ICF accredited Certified Professional Facilitators who will help you realise more of your facilitation potential.

Mentoring you to Facilitate with Skill and Confidence

Our mentoring service offers you a unique opportunity to work with one of our highly experienced facilitators to assist you in preparing, designing and confidently delivering effective meetings and events. We can even attend your event to offer you real-time feedback and coaching.

Facilitation Mentoring

Facilitation Mentoring is for any meeting leader or for those who want tailored support to develop their facilitation skills.  Choose from the following options:

  • Process Design

    A 90-minute session during which one of our experienced Facilitator Mentors will support you to design a suitable facilitation process aimed at achieving the desired outcomes.

    Fee: £195

  • Process Design and Review

    This includes the services of the Process Design option above, together with a further additional hour with your Facilitator Mentor upon delivery of your session.  The aim is to reflect on your facilitation practice by reviewing the experience and capturing the learning gained.

    Fee: £325

  • Process Design, Observation and Review

    This is comprised of the services in the Process Design and Review option above, together with your Facilitator Mentor attending up to a half-day meeting in order to observe your facilitation practice and provide 'on the spot coaching' to support you in delivering the process.

    Fee: £725 (plus negotiated travel time and expenses)

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