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An Introduction to Facilitating Resistance - Online

If you want to change how you think about resistance and change, join us for this interactive free online workshop.

Change, in itself, is relatively easy. What’s more challenging is the psychological transition required to help people come to terms with new ways of being and doing. If you are responsible for leading successful organisational change initiatives, you will know all about resistance and the challenge of getting change to stick.  


Workshop objective

To learn some of the ways of approaching change in organisations that helps the likelihood of change occurring successfully.

Benefits to you / your organisation

  • Better understand the nature of change 
  • Appreciating reasons why people resist 
  • Learn how to perceive and approach resistance differently


  • What makes change initiatives fail?
  • A model for change
  • Understanding resistance
  • Locating resistance
  • Working with resistance


2.00pm – 4.00pm

Please note, whilst this workshop is free, it is provided under the terms and conditions that should you be unable to attend, you will provide 48 hours’ notice, otherwise a £25 administration fee will be applied.

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