7th and 14th September 2022



Facilitation Essentials

Confidently facilitate groups to achieve results.

Groups and teams are responsible for much of the “magic” in our workplaces and communities. People convene to reflect on experiences, share ideas, explore possibilities/perspectives, prioritise, plan, evaluate and make decisions. Groups and teams possess immense power and potential. 

Too often, ‘magic’ meetings are just a ‘happy accident’ instead of the norm and we find ourselves enduring too many events with no clear purpose. We frequently listen to a few voices dominating discussions as we engage in clock-watching, waiting for the right moment to excuse ourselves and get on with something more productive.


    If you seek to facilitate effective and productive meetings, join our two-day Facilitation Essentials programme. During this programme, our highly experienced IAF Certified Facilitators will lead you through the following: 

    • Facilitation defined
    • The difference between facilitating and adopting a facilitative approach
    • The essential principles, practices and strategies to get the best from groups
    • Effective process design 
    • A range of facilitation tools and techniques 
    • Considerations for online events
    • Re-directing ineffective behaviours 

    By the end of this training you will have:  

    • increased understanding of the facilitation elements essential to create effective meetings
    • knowledge of a range of facilitation tools and techniques to create genuinely participative face-to-face or online events
    • greater confidence and competence in identifying and redirecting ineffective behaviours that threaten to derail meetings
    • greater capacity in employing processes that support groups to reach quality decisions 


    This programme is delivered online over two weeks (one day per week).

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is for managers, team leaders, community leaders, youth workers and others who want to develop their abilities to work effectively with groups and teams.


    9:30am - 4:30pm

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