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Facilitation Skills

Facilitate with Confidence

People Make Meetings!

Meetings and events are essential to help people decide, explore, imagine, plan, problem solve, dream, learn, consult, etc. People make meetings! Sometimes people also derail meetings. Fortunately, you can realise the full potential of your meetings by equipping yourself with essential facilitation tools, techniques and skills that help prevent everyday meeting mishaps.

    If you’re a meeting leader who wants to build confidence in managing the challenges and complexities of meetings, then join our well established and highly successful facilitation training programme and:

    Increase your impact as a facilitator who gets results

    Learn how to design meetings and events that bring the best out in people

    Discover how to increase participation and help groups achieve quality outcomes

    Develop your competence in dealing with conflict and complex group dynamics

    Enhance your capacity in using a facilitative approach in your work and community

    Join the Learning Community

    Our highly experienced IAF Certified Professional Facilitators invite you to join others in creating a diverse, energetic and welcoming learning community where we learn together.  As a participant on this programme you will:

    Receive an extensive tool kit to use in your work with groups

    Practise your facilitation skills with co-learners

    Receive encouraging feedback on your facilitation practice

    Learn Gestalt theory to support your interventions as a facilitator


    The six-day programme is run over three months (3 sessions of 2 days) to give you maximum opportunity to apply your skills and learning in your own context.

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is for managers, team leaders, consultants and others who want to develop and extend facilitation skills as a means of working more effectively with people in a wide range of team/group settings. It is for those who want to add facilitation to their tool kit and for facilitators who want to reflect on and identify their own competencies and development needs.

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