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Group Mentor Coaching - Online

Take your coaching practice to the next level!

Whether you’re a trainee coach or an experienced one, it’s essential you receive support as a practitioner. Critically reflecting on your practice helps you with your continuing professional development. We can partner you with one of our experienced Coach Mentors to help accelerate your learning and development as a coach.  

Those qualifying for the charity rate of £500 should contact for a discount code. 


    Our Mentor Coaching is based on the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) definition and is relevant for you if you simply seek to develop your skills as a coach and/or if you are working towards an ICF credential.  All our mentor coaches abide by the ICF code of ethics and are experienced in working successfully with people from a variety of backgrounds.

    Should you aim to be recognised as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the ICF require you to undertake 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.  This can be 10 individual sessions or a mix of group and individual mentoring (no more than 7 hours out of the 10 can be group mentoring). Your participation in our online Group Mentor Coaching will earn you 7 hours towards your 10 hour ICF credential requirement. 

    The Group Coach Mentoring Process

    Each Group Coach Mentoring session is 2 ½ hours (including a 10-minute break) with you and other coaches committing to a minimum of three sessions.  Your group size is limited to between 4 - 6 participants. 

    • Connecting together
    • Clarifying the focus for the session
    • Observed coaching practice 
    • Feedback and reflection 
    • Break (10 minutes)
    • Observed coaching practice 
    • Feedback and reflection
    • Plenary Discussion


    Group Mentor Coaching is delivered online each day from 10.00am-12.30pm.

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