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Introduction to Action Planning

Introduction to Action Planning

Action plans are a key constituent to successful project management.  Designing and developing an effective action plan is a task often carried out by groups and teams because the various people necessary for each action need to agree and take ownership of tasks.  Too often, the group process can frustrate the action planning effort as people compete for differing priorities and preferences. What’s more, the planning process is often experienced by participants as lengthy, cumbersome and boring.

At last, you can bring energy, efficiency and enthusiasm to your project management by using Pinpoint facilitation to aid your action planning process. Pinpoint is an effective and interactive facilitation tool that helps you summarise how you will achieve objectives, by whom and by when.

    Workshop objective

    This two-hour free workshop is for anyone who wants to learn an efficient and effective action planning process.  The workshop will provide the fundamentals to using the proven Pinpoint facilitation technique.

    Benefits to you / your organisation

    • Learn processes that quickly get people engaged in the action planning process
    • Produce better and faster plans
    • Manage the complexity of group processes to ensure people stay on task


    • Simulation to experience the Pinpoint method
    • Reviewing Pinpoint
    • The card call
    • Clustering
    • Prioritising
    • Planning


    2.00pm - 4.00pm

    Please note, whilst this workshop is free, it is provided under the terms and conditions that should you be unable to attend, you will provide 48 hours’ notice, otherwise a £25 administration fee will be applied.

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