Leadership Changes at Kinharvie.

Announcing Paul Cummings as New Kinharvie CEO

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It’s all change at Kinharvie. From today, Tuesday 1st September, Paul Cummings begins his role as the new CEO of Kinharvie. Paul’s appointment is the result of a planned process of succession as Gerry Devlin steps aside as Executive Director and Ronnie McEwan as Director of Organisational Facilitation. Kinharvie holds an immense gratitude to both Ronnie and Gerry who each have been involved in leading the success and development of the charity for 30 years. Through their leadership, Kinharvie has been successful in responding to the needs of the times and adapting both focus and services as needs have demanded. Ronnie will continue as a Kinharvie Fellow and Gerry will provide support to the finance function until the end of November 2020. All at Kinharvie and our many clients and supporters are truly grateful for the immense contribution of each of you over the years – THANK YOU! 

Looking ahead in his new leadership role, Paul says, “I’m excited and enthusiastic to be taking on the new role of CEO for Kinharvie. I hadn’t envisaged my appointment would take place in the midst of such a pandemic, though I did appreciate the role of CEO to be a challenging one at any time. So I look ahead and face the challenges and opportunities with energy and optimism, confident our newly defined vision and mission for Kinharvie will inspire us and those we work with. In times of immense change and boundless uncertainty, I am convinced more than ever of the need to co-create life-giving spaces where people realise their potential. Discovering and harnessing our individual and collective potential will serve us well in finding a way through these challenging times. For the latent possibility of each of us to flourish, it has never been more important that our communities and workplaces be spaces of psychological safety where we can be more authentic and where our true potential can reveal itself. I’m fortunate and delighted to have such a skilled, highly capable and much praised team who will join me on the adventures ahead.”

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