Pandemic Wellbeing

Provide your staff the support they need to ensure their long-term wellbeing and effectiveness during the pandemic.

People are telling us they need to talk about their experience of lockdown.  We can help you and your organisation in “opening up” by professionally facilitating Essential Conversations for ensuring wellbeing and effectiveness during the Covod-19 pandemic.  

Responding to the pandemic has come at significant personal cost and demand on our personal and collective resources. Homeworking evokes confusion, anxiety, loneliness, stress and distress.  Resilience is being stretched daily and this will not change soon.

Employers have a duty of care and it’s evident staff need an opportunity to process the overwhelming changes and new work situation - we can help you achieve this by facilitating Essential Conversations. It’s critical for staff wellbeing and effectiveness that safe conversational spaces be offered to help build their resilience and support their mental health.

Essential Conversations for at-home workers and others, facilitate staff engagement. Engaging staff on their lived experience of lockdown and home-working shows compassion, builds morale and helps identify adjustments needed to reduce stress and encourage effectiveness. 

We offer professionally facilitated Essential Conversations under two themes:


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