‘A Tremendous Feeling Of Solidarity, Community And Common Purpose’

Reflections On Kinharvie's Vision And Mission Relaunch - By Alison Finlay

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  • ‘A Tremendous Feeling Of Solidarity, Community And Common Purpose’

I have been a monthly visitor to 49 Dowanhill Street for many years. Here I meet with fellow coaches of the Glasgow Coaching Hub. Kinharvie kindly allow us to use their premises to congregate and this has been an amazing space for me; a space to share experiences, learning and laughter with my fellow ‘hubbers’.


For some time I’ve known Chris, Martin, Paul, Ronnie and Alastair as peers of the Hub but I didn’t really know about their ‘day jobs’ and the work of Kinharvie. This would change when I was invited to attend their Vision and Mission relaunch at the Òran Mór.


Arriving at the Òran Mór on a dreich Monday afternoon in November 2019, I was warmly welcomed by the Kinharvie team. Naturally I found myself sitting amongst a table of ‘hubbers’ but was soon encouraged to mix amongst the tables of Kinharvie’s clients and partners. I was truly eager to meet these new folk.


Despite the fact that we were not in the Kinharvie building, the energy in Òran Mór’s auditorium was as if we were. Many of the people I met had all sorts of connections with Kinharvie; some had worked with their coaches and facilitators, others had attended their courses. No matter what, there was a strong sense of having received something truly of value from the team and people were there to give something back.

    When Kinharvie revealed their new vision, mission and brand identity it felt as if we were all rejoicing in what had been created. I experienced a tremendous feeling of solidarity, community and common purpose. 


    One of my big take-aways from the afternoon is that no matter where you are, provided you create the right atmosphere and environment, you can find a space that is life-giving. Each of us has a role in co-creating these life-giving spaces where potential is realised. 


    This makes me think about my own work and whether I have the most life-giving space to work in. What can I now create for me and for my clients?


    Monday is usually my yoga night and I wasn’t able to make class on that soggy November evening. Nevertheless, I felt I had truly had my spiritual connection that afternoon. By accepting Kinharvie’s invitation I had chosen the gift of timeout from the busyness of my everyday so to reflect, be creative and give something back. This felt special and inspiring. 


    As the event drew to a close, we were all given a small brown box to take home with us. Inside was a terracotta pot filled with earth. With this we were encouraged to create a life-giving space for something to grow and mature. It’s now February and my wee life-giving space is thriving.


    By Alison Finlay

    FinlayKirkman Coaching and Development  

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