Tuesday 8  and Tuesday 15 December 2020



Building and Sustaining Effective Teams - Online

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Join us, as we help you discover how to build and sustain your team. 

Teamwork is integral to the way your organisation operates.  Most teams tend to just get on with it, giving limited time to clarify why the team exists or explicit agreement on how team members will work together to effectively achieve objectives.  

The best performing teams have a common purpose and vision, balance the right mix of people with the right skills, and know how to creatively hold differences in order to optimise success. 

    Fostering a Team Culture

    To develop and sustain a successful team online and in-person, an effective team leader/manager creates a strong sense of mutual commitment and interdependence between team members.  You are fostering a team culture if you:

    • Encourage and nurture authentic relationships
    • Generate an appreciative culture that is collaborative
    • Embrace ambiguity and help others do the same
    • Facilitate the constructive management of difference
    • Define quality outcomes and communicate expectations
    • Recognise your team is part of a wider organisational system 
    • Know how to support constructive exchange and connection between team members, the wider organisation and key stakeholders

    Benefits to You

    • Learn how to foster a team culture 
    • Develop your understanding of teams and what makes them effective

    • Acquire skills, tools and knowledge that enable you to take your team to the next level of performance

    • Greater awareness of team dynamics and how to influence them
    • Increased productivity by facilitating the team to manage its differences

    Agenda - Day One

    • What is an Effective Team?
    • Developing a Team Charter – The Container
    • Balancing Differences to Optimise Team Success
    • Managing Conflict
    • Integrating the Learning

    Agenda - Day Two

    • Team Processes
    • Decision Making
    • Communication
    • Team Meetings
    • The Learning Team
    • Supporting Resources
    • Sustaining the Spirit of the Team
    • Reflection on Learning


    Training days will be delivered online over 2 consecutive weeks.


    9.30am - 4.30pm 

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is for you if you are a new or experienced team leader or manager and you want to work with your team in ways that help people successfully realise their potential to achieve even greater results.

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