12 and 19 September 2024



Mastering the Art of Facilitation - A Gestalt Approach

ONLINE COURSE - Unlock the potential of any group by mastering the art of facilitation

Much of the art of facilitation is concerned with how you manage yourself from moment-to-moment: your awareness, your assumptions, your decisions, your attitudes and ultimately, your interventions. It becomes a matter of how you use the best tool you have at your disposal: yourself. 

During this two-day programme, you will be introduced to a variety of new skills, tools and further aspects of Gestalt Theory. These valuable resources will empower you to make moment-to-moment decisions which enable you to use yourself and your presence, even in the most challenging of situations.  By artfully managing yourself, you will be able to show up in ways which best supports your 'client' to achieve the stated goals and objectives.  


    During this 2-day programme, our highly experienced IAF Certified Facilitators will lead you through the following:

    • Facilitating quality ‘contact’ 
    • Understanding resistances to quality ‘contact’
    • Facilitating a Unit of Work 
    • Setting up a group to succeed
    • Machine thinking vs. Living systems thinking
    • Levels of system
    • When and how to intervene
    • Embodying a facilitative presence
    • Monitoring your self-talk 
    • Approaches to common challenging scenarios
    • Facilitating difference

    By the end of this training, you will have gained:

    • A greater awareness of your moment-to-moment internal process and  presence whilst facilitating and how to most effectively employ both to serve a group.
    • An increased understanding of what groups need to ensure they have the highest chance of achieving their goals.  
    • A more precise ability to intervene in groups that facilitates increased effectiveness and engagement.
    • A deeper grounding in Gestalt Theory, providing you with a firm foundation when encountering challenging dynamics.
    • Some ready-to-use strategies to effectively facilitate a variety of challenging scenarios.


    This programme is delivered online over two weeks (one day per week) using Kinharvie's virtual learning space. 

    Who is this programme for?

    This programme is for those who have completed our Facilitation Essentials and Advanced Facilitation Skills Programmes (or similar programmes) and are keen to continue to develop and refine their facilitation skills.  It is suitable for anyone who works with groups: teams, organisations and/or communities such as facilitators, consultants, managers, team leaders, community leaders and youth workers.

    Discounted Bundles

    We offer three facilitation programmes:

    1. Facilitation Essentials (2 days)
    2. Advanced Facilitation Skills (3 days)
    3. Mastering the Art of Facilitation (2 days)

    If, at the time of booking, you choose TWO of these three programmes, we offer a discount of 10% on the total cost of the programmes and both programmes need to be completed within a year of the date on which the first programme commenced.

    If, at the time of booking, you choose all THREE of these  programmes, we offer a discount of 15% on the total cost of the programmes and all three programmes need to be completed within 18 months of the date on which the first programme commenced.

    Contact for a discount code. 


    9:30am - 4:30pm

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