Online Lockdown Impact Debrief

An online lockdown impact debrief will support your staff to harvest learning and articulate how they are really doing.

Covid-19 has provided every one of us with a never-before-experienced phenomenon.  Both lockdown and homeworking have come at significant personal cost and demand on our personal and collective resources.  For some, homeworking has been a delight and resulted in discovery of new and enjoyable ways of operating (less travel, more time).  Lockdown and homeworking for others, however, evokes confusion, anxiety, loneliness, stress and distress.  Whilst for others, the challenge of childcare and home schooling has made it really difficult to give focused time to work, leaving many with feelings of guilt and frustration.  Resilience is being stretched daily and this will not change soon.  In the long-term, there is a danger of increased absenteeism and decreased productivity if individuals are not empowered with coping and management skills following such a challenging experience.

Conducting an online lockdown impact debrief will support your staff to articulate how they are really doing with the challenges and benefits of lockdown and homeworking.  Showing your interest in their experience and giving time and space for essential conversation, will demonstrate your care and compassion for staff.  Giving permission to talk about a significant experience, supports staff wellbeing. 

This is an experience we can all learn from.  Learning doesn’t just simply occur from having an experience, it occurs from reflecting on that experience.  An online lockdown impact debrief, will support you and your staff to harvest the learning and consider how this can be effectively employed into the future.

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